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Newton's Clubhouse: Where Everyone Belongs (Episode 3 - The Joy of Being Together)

Welcome to Newton’s Clubhouse: Where Everyone Belongs! Our third episode is called “The Joy of Being Together.”

Newton and Blue Sky are happily making paper bag puppets when suddenly their joyful time together comes to a screeching halt when they can’t stop fighting over the blue marker. With Mom’s help, they realize that sometimes being happy with the people we love means we have to do some work. We need to do some things that are hard so that we’ll all be okay.

Newton and Blue Sky learn that happiness doesn’t always just HAPPEN. Sometimes it comes to us because we are thoughtful and careful and show love to each other.

Then Ziegler introduces his craft — paper bag puppets, of course! (This is a HOOT, imho. And the gag reel of Ziegler’s outtakes at the end is the best part.)

After the craft, it’s time for not one but TWO songs — “Ode To Joy” Flash Mob, and “Ode To Joy,” Newton style!

NOTE: The Youtube link for “Flash Mob - Orchestra Ode To Joy Performance(HD)” is here:

(Posted by Flash Mob Geek)

Then, it’s finally time for Newton to say goodbye, but…

*** Be sure to stay for the bloopers at the end! ***

This episode is sponsored by Second Parish Unitarian Universalist in Hingham, MA

Written by Stephanie Kelsch & Leigh Baltzer

Inspired by the ” Soul Matters" 2021/2022 Curriculum

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