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Newton's Clubhouse: Where Everyone Belongs (Episode 1 - Sharing Joy)

Welcome to Newton’s Clubhouse: Where Everyone Belongs!

Our first episode is called “Sharing Joy.” Newton learns that having joy is great, but SHARING joy is even more fun. He has an idea for a craft, which is included in your hand-delivered Newton’s Clubhouse Kit! Post-it notes with JOY messages hidden in cabinets and drawers are a wonderful idea! After the craft, Newton introduces his recommended book, “Should I Share My Ice Cream?” by Mo Willems.

To watch this book, “Should I Share My Ice Cream?” by Mo Willems, click on the link below:

Then it’s time for Newton’s song — “Joy Is Something If You Give It Away.” Join in, the lyrics are on the screen!

Joy Is Something If You Give It Away

Lyrics by Newton & Sherman

Guitar by Sherman Whipple

Performed by Newton, Blue Sky, Holly Kelly, Phineas, Sam Bam Ham & Ziegler

Inspired by "Magic Penny" by Malvina Reynolds

(This episode is sponsored by Second Parish Unitarian Universalist in Hingham, MA)

(Opening credits by Sherman Whipple, Closing Credits by

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