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About Us

"At  the  center  of  your  being you  have  the  answer;

you  know  who  you  are  &  you  know  what  you  want."

 ~ Lao Tzu

Our Mission

Through Me To You Puppetry's mission is about supporting anyone and everyone who believes in themselves and follows their dreams -- and does not let doubt or fear stop them.


We are committed to exploring themes of love, courage, and compassion through the wonderful and wonder-filled world of puppets.

Our Mission

“At the center of your being you have the answer;



you know who you are


you know what you want.”

~ Lao Tzu

At the center of my being lives a puppeteer.  


I've known this since I was 6, putting on endless puppet shows for my ever tolerant family.  In my early adult years I tried to suppress this creative energy -- trading in my puppets for a respectable, acceptable adult career. After earning two masters degrees in Elementary Education and Film/Television, I discovered I was still a puppeteer at heart -- just older, wiser and more educated. Today, I am proud and grateful to be on a journey that encompasses creativity, positive energy, and a love for learning.


I offer Puppet Story Time at libraries and schools -- AND ONLINE! -- where puppets read stories & sing songs with the kids. I also perform original shows (in person) which focus on themes of courage, persistence, friendship and bullying.


The core of my work's passion is to inspire a child's sense of wonder. In this day and age of parents' "Struggle Against Screen Time" and their "Battle Against Electronics," I feel so fortunate to be able to interact with children "face to face.”  And during this time of COVID-19, I feel even more fortunate to have access to the technology that enables me to interact with children in an online environment.


No matter the platform - in person or online - I am honored to be part of the spark that ignites their imaginations as they begin to discover who they are at the center of their being.

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