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Newton's Clubhouse: Where Everyone Belongs (Episode 2 - Finding Joy Even When You're Sad)

Welcome to Newton’s Clubhouse: Where Everyone Belongs!

Our second episode is called “Finding Joy Even When You’re Sad.” Sometimes we don’t feel happy and joyful. Sometimes we feel sad, mad, or nothing at all. Newton learns that emotions aren’t good or bad. And since all of his emotions are part of him, just letting him learn more about himself, all of them are helpful in some way, even the one we don’t like.

Newton’s recommended book this week is called, “I Am Human” (by Susan Verde, Illustrations by Peter H Reynolds). To watch this book on YouTube — which Newton also reads himself! — click on the link:

Then newton introduces his craft, The Emotion Wheel. After the craft, it’s time for Newton’s song — “If You’re Happy And You Know It.” He adds new lyrics for other emotions, including angry, sad, tired, hangry and joyful. Join in - the original lyrics are on the screen!

It’s finally time for Newton to say goodbye, but please join us for another episode next week! (And be sure to stay for the bloopers at the end!)

(This episode is sponsored by Second Parish Unitarian Universalist in Hingham, MA)

(Opening & Closing Credits Music by Sherman Whipple)

(Background Music by

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