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Beyond The Talking Points: Politics & Spirituality (with guest Nic Hyacinthe)

“Our Nation’s Transformation: Beyond The Talking Points” is our show about the intersection of politics and spirituality. Each month, a new guest discusses an issue as it relates to both politics and spirituality.

The twist is that the interviewer is a puppet named Newton. ;)

But — this is a show for adults.

Its intention is, in a (hopefully) entertaining way, to educate the public on important political issues or political/social justice groups, while at the same time reminding us of the big picture - that we are interconnected beings who have the opportunity at any given time to remember we share far more in common than what separates us.

As Lydia Edwards reminds us, “The language of the heart is the most important language we will ever speak.”

This quote from Marianne Williamson summarizes the rationale of our show:

“A nation is a collection of individuals; the same psychological, emotional & spiritual principles that apply to healing one life apply to healing the whole. We can't just fix things on the outside; we need a new, whole-person politics that addresses both inner & outer wounds... We need an entirely new conversation than the one we're having now.”

It is our intention to play a part in that conversation, and to draw new people in every day.

This first episode features Haitian artist and photographer, Nicolas Hyacinthe, as he ruminates on the importance of spirituality & its role in guiding political choices.

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