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My Birth Story: Adoption, Loneliness & Puppets


While this video features a puppet, Newton, who is often featured in my children's videos, this video is about the subject of adoption and is treated in an adult way. Therefore, I do not recommend this video for children. I would say it is for pre-teens and older. If you have an adopted child, you might want to preview the content before watching it with him/her/them. And thank you, everyone, for your support!


I recently had the great good fortune to be part of a spoken word event for adoptees. On November 30, 2021 Boston Post Adoption Resources (BPAR) sponsored their second annual night of spoken word and poetry called Voices Unheard: Real Adoptees Stories. I, along with seven other adopted women, got up and bravely shared our adoption stories in front of our loved ones -- in person and online livestream. It was a night of honesty, compassion, guts, love, truth, and empowerment. I was so crazy happy to be part of it.

I don't have a recording of the whole event, but if you go to BPAR's site, I think they will post a recording soon. But I do have, thanks to a friend in the front row, a recording of my piece.

I hope you enjoy my spoken word performance debut, "My Birth Story: Adoption, Loneliness & Puppets." If you would like more info on the services, counseling, groups, and other things that BPAR offers, check out

(Intro Music by Geoff Roman)

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