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A Perfectly Messed Up Story (by Patrick McDonnell)

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Have you ever drawn or written or practiced something and it didn't come out exactly right? What did you do? Did you throw it out and give up, or did you embrace the imperfections? Newton faces the same dilemma, as he is unhappy with his latest video. To remind himself to embrace the imperfections, he reads "A Perfectly Messed Up Story" by Patrick Mc Donnell, and is advised by his friend Sam Bam Ham to continue forward, despite his video not turning out the way he envisioned. Newton ends the show inviting his friend Ziegler to sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." And be sure to watch til the end - there might be a funny blooper reel!

Music by:

“The Itsy Bitsy Spider” Played by Sherman Whipple

(Originally published on 4/17/20 in Weymouth, MA.)

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