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"Giving is not just about making a donation,

it's about making a difference."

 ~ Cathy Calvin

The covid-19 strain of the coronavirus has turned our world upside down.  Artists & performers are offering their talents online, as much as possible.  In my business, nothing takes the place of interacting with children in person.  But in times like these, we must strive to connect with each other in different ways while remaining safe.  

In times like these, I also know that many, many, many families are struggling financially. At the same time, children are stuck at home.  They are not able to go to daycare or school.  Boredom and restlessness and worry and fear all other emotions and feelings are at their peak.

To this end, we are striving to offer as much online content as we can. For free. 


My main goal at  is to be in service to others.  It fills my heart to know my videos could help a child find some comfort, enjoyment, and perhaps feel a sense of normalcy restored, to an extent. That is the ultimate payoff.

Unfortunately, the bill collectors do not accept feelings of fulfillment and good deeds as payment. (I wish!)  And most of my streams of income are also indefinitely on hold during this time of self-isolation & quarantines.  Thus, I am in the unfortunate position of requesting donations for my work.

The saying that it doesn't matter how much you give is true - more than ever. Even a couple dollars helps.  More than the money, it sends me a message that my work is important, it matters, it is filling a need.  I can't tell you how much this message is needed right now.

So, if you are called to donate, here is how.  And if you can't donate, I completely understand.  Instead, if you could share the videos you like with others, that's also incredibly helpful to me. I thank you for your support, no matter the form it takes. 

Donation Options

For PayPal users, click on the link.

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On Venmo search "Leigh Baltzer."

You'll know it's me if you see an orange puppet.

On Cash App search "Leigh Baltzer."

You'll know it's me if you see an orange puppet.

On Facebook Messenger search "Leigh Baltzer."

You'll know it's me if you see MY photo. 

Click the plus icon (+), and THEN the dollar sign ($).

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