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We offer Puppet Story Time

& Puppet Free Play

for a variety of age groups.

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Newton & friends perform

for libraries, schools, daycares,

 farmers markets, and festivals!

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Invite Newton and his puppet friends to your child's next birthday party!

Sooo Many Videos!

Let's Connect!

Shoot us an email, send us a text, or give us a call if you'd like to learn more about booking puppet shows, or would  like to chat about all manner of things, from pondering the meaning of life to discovering why we are our own worst enemies.  😉

 (781) 267-8829

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"Knowing  that  we  can  be  loved  exactly  as  we  are 

gives  us all  the  best  opportunity 

for  growing  into  the  healthiest  of  people."

 ~ Fred Rogers

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